ProfitTime GPS

Introducing ProfitTime GPS

With the addition of the industry’s first and only Global Acquisition system, the latest version of ProfitTime gives you the data intelligence you need to make investment minded decisions across the complete lifecycle of every unit in your inventory. From before you purchase a vehicle to the moment it’s sold you can optimize profitability at every turn with ProfitTime GPS.


Inventory acquisition has gone omni channel, and the situation is putting pressure on appraisers and buyers. Good buys have always been hard to find in the usual channels. But now, with all the variability across multiple sources of inventory and the near universal understanding that used vehicles are worth more today than ever, it’s hard to know what a good buy even looks like. And to top it off, this challenge isn’t going away anytime soon. Omni channel sourcing is the new normal.

Global Acquisition

As part of the newest version of ProfitTime, the industry’s first Global Acquisition system brings ProfitTime’s data driven insights about every vehicle’s investment value to every sourcing decision you make in every sourcing channel you make them.

User Friendly Dashboard

The Global Acquisition dashboard helps dealers and managers know how well their appraisers, and their appraisal process, meet the dealership’s stated inventory acquisition and appraisal strategy. The dashboard shows vehicles sourced from each channel, whether they were purchased on or off strategy and why, and how they’re performing as retail units. With these insights, dealers can see what is or isn’t working in each channel and define actions for improvement.

Global Acquisition

Global Acquisition also gives dealers a detailed view of performance within each channel helping dealers optimize their acquisition efforts to meet the opportunities and risks that are unique to each. At a glance , dealers can easily see the channel that produces vehicles with the highest investment value or best volume. They can spot channels where closer oversight and appraiser coaching might increase opportunities to acquire good cars for the right money.

Individual Level Insights

Global Acquisition doesn’t remove the decision making power from the appraiser or buyer. The system wasn’t designed to tell the team how to sell a car or keep a customer. But it does give dealers a snapshot of how closely appraisers are working within their own stated strategy. From there, dealers can fine tune their appraising process for optimization.

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