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When your intuition leads you astray, vAuto is there to guide you in the right direction. Feel confident knowing that you are purchasing the right vehicles for the right price by comparing prices and demand for cars all across the market.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

vAuto’s provisioning tool shows you how to identify the best vehicles for your live market, where to buy them, and how to price them.

Advanced Vehicle Valuations

vAuto’s appraising tool helps find and compare all the available used vehicle pricing information from live market insights to help you make the most profitable decision.

Private Party Sellers Report

To support private inventory acquisition while continuing to expand the industry’s most comprehensive live market data set.

Xtime Service Integration

A new opportunity to acquire premium inventory, at lower cost, to market directly from your service drive.

Exclusive Features

Live Market View

See what’s happening in your market — every car, every second, everywhere.


Provision is the industry’s leading fully mobile, fully optimized inventory management system.

Performance Management

Work with a dedicated industry expert to execute an inventory strategy that sets you up for success.

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